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Credits is the system implemented within our website to control API usage.

To learn more visit Documentation page.

Proxy list
Tier 3 is a long historical proxy list. It doesn’t contain duplicates but has inactive proxies. This list is suitable for website owners who want to restrict connections to their pages from public proxies.
Tier 2 proxy list contains only active proxies and is updated every 5 minutes. Please note, that some proxies ‘die’ very quickly, to always receive working ones we recommend using API (ProxyPage has built-in GET interface for registered subscribers on the API page).
Tier 1 proxy list contains active proxies that passed Cloudflare (work with Google SERP). This list is also updated every 5 minutes. Cloudflare bans proxies quickly, therefore we recommend using API for better results.
Private proxies
Email support , for Starter users, takes around one day to answer. Priority one, issues reply in 8 hours however usually it takes less then one.
Passthrough (Backconnect) proxy will be setup after you provide all the requirements. You can choose ip to rotate on every call, timer, timeout or API call.
Private pool consists of high-speed datacenter proxies. Each subscriber will be allocated proxies randomly and they will be available only to them. Proxies from this list come in the format of: "IP:port:log:pass".